My Keto Journey: How I Managed To Reach My Weight Goals Against All Odds

For My Breakfast: I had a mug of bulletproof coffee (green coffee+normal coffee mix+butter+virgin coconut oil) along with two whole eggs. This kept me full and gave me the required fats to start off my day. During Keto, one needs to pace out the meals; you cannot be eating all day while on a keto.

For My Lunch: I ate one roti made of almond flour. I completely avoided rice. I stumbled upon this low-carb atta from Lo! Foods and helped me keep my Indian roti cravings sane! I ate the roti with paneer tikka masala or a veggie-loaded curry.

Evening Snack: I would have a little bit of black coffee along with almond flour cookies or peanuts.

For My Dinner: I mostly had soups with lots of vegetables in them or a salad with a nice dressing.

What I’m trying to say is that if you haven’t lost any weight in the first 15 days don’t assume that you aren’t doing the diet correctly. Understand your body and listen to it!

Finding a way to stay healthy and fit post your Keto journey is very important or your lost weight might just bounce back.



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